Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is a program of Give Them Bikes! – in partnership with Bikes for Humanity and Central City Concern – where we teach clients and to refurbish donated bicycles before they take a bike home for their personal use. Central City Concern provides a space where the program is held and materials are kept. Bikes for Humanity provides the tools needed to repair the bikes. Give Them Bikes! manages the program and provides mechanics to teach and oversee all bicycle repairs.

In 2016, 23 bikes were overhauled and returned to use on the streets of Portland.

The program runs March through November. Classes meet Tuesdays at 3pm in the basement of the Estate Building, 225 NW Couch. New students are accepted the 1st Tuesday of the month, March through October. We are closed the 5th Tuesday of the month, when applicable.

If you think it’s a rad idea, you are totally invited and encouraged to support Chain Reaction! You can do this a few ways:

  1. Buy a bike from our Used Bikes page
  2. Volunteer! If you would like to volunteer with our program, please email with your interest. Our primary volunteer opportunity is on Tuesdays, from 3-7pm, when we work on the bikes. Never worked on a bike before? Perfect! Join us the first Tuesday of the month, when we accept new students, and we’ll enroll you as a volunteer. The class meets once per week for 8 weeks, and covers complete diagnosis and repair of used and very used bicycles. After completion of the class, volunteers are encouraged to continue to join us in the act of radical bicycle repair every Tuesday.
  3. Donate bicycles, bicycle parts, or cold hard cash. To donate, Please email