We believe in Fortitude, Freedom, and Fun.

We believe that a bicycle offers these virtues to a person otherwise chastened, confined, and discouraged by the modern world.

We believe the bicycle to be the perfect remedy to the modern diseases of ill-health, disconnection, and ennui.

We believe a bicycle is a tool. It is a means to an end. It is not an end in and of itself. The end is the ride. The end is your joy as the air flows past your body. The end is realizing  your strength. The end is a better life. The end is community. The end is fun.

We believe fun ought to be a top priority in any human life. If you are not having fun for at least some part of at least every single day on this godless grey earth, we think, “hey, maybe try a bike.”

We believe in the power of positive peddling.

We believe in smiling while we ride.

We endorse the virtue of intentional pace.

We believe in kindness.

We believe in service.

We believe knowledge ought to be free, out in the open, and wide-eyed. We believe in teaching what we know and learning what we don’t.

We believe bicycles are for everybody.

We believe there to be a bicycle for every body.

We believe in the true bravery of trying!

We reject cowardice, cynicism, and anger.

We choose vulnerability, empathy, and vigor.

We know that bicycles make the world a better place.

We believe in people before bicycles and we believe that it is okay for your bike to be a sometimes thing, a fair weather friend, or a parade float, but for us our bikes are everyday and foundational to who we are.

We are strong

& We are free

& We are open to your boldest bicycle dreams.