💪Teamwork makes the dream work💪

Students finished 3 bikes last Tuesday at Chain Reaction. Check Them Out!

C's Red Motiv D's Black Raleigh
L's White Raleigh

Photo Credit: Andrew Shaw-Kitch via iphone via gmail

These three bikes are super righteous radical movement machines built by students in the Tuesday night Earn-a-bike program. These individuals performed repairs ranging from more or less a standard tune-up on the Red Motiv, to a total overhaul on the Black Raleigh – I believe this bike has been to Burning Man; it was coated in white dust and rusty; now it sparkles and pops with bright red accents – to a build from a largely parted-out frame in the case of the White Raleigh. Looking at each of these bikes makes me think of the unique, kind, patient individuals who put in 4 hours more or less every Tuesday for 8 weeks. It makes me feel great. These are happy pictures 😊

Even happier still! Last Thursday, 2 of those individuals, along with 3 more who haven’t even gotten their bikes yet, came to Chain Reaction just to volunteer with me on working through some of the piles and disorder that accumulates in a place like a free bike program. We didn’t completely eliminate the piles, but we made considerable dents in the mountain of dead bikes, the river of dead wheels, and the unsorted sloppy jungle of tubes. It was the first time I organized a concentrated volunteer effort in this particular venture; previously I would have spent a day like this by myself and gotten less done and had less fun. It was a great day and it carries the lesson I’m trying to learn and demonstrate: Ask for a hand and people will offer it! So far it’s proving true🤞